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Continued Growth.

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Ultimate Security & Investigations ltd is the oldest and longest established Security Company in the Carlisle area; and is still growing strong with new work both in and out of the County, including Liverpool and Glasgow. MD Greg Kelly said “In these financially difficult times the cheapest option is often too tempting to resist. Ultimate offer very competitive rates for all their services but also offer the stability and quality of being the longest established local company with the widest range of security solutions available. Most new customers are now looking for an integrated...

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Money Talks

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Last night Greg was featured on the BBC Radio Cumbria show Money Talks. Money Talks by Julie Clayton focuses on everything from personal finance to big business and features guests from across the county. Business coach Alison Bramall from Integration, RAF pilot, public speaker and author John Peters and Stuart Gormley from Warwick Tower also took part and if you missed it you can catch up on iPlayer! For the next 7 days Money Talks will be available to listen to...

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Farmers Urged to Step Up Security

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The Evening News are reporting that farmers are being urged to step up security after 15 quad bikes have been stolen in the area this year alone. If you are worried about the security of your machinery or vehicles you should consider using wire free motion activated CCTV. Wireless CCTV systems with motion detection dial a designated number when the system detects movement. This type of equipment is ideal for remote, rural and vulnerable sites for example outbuildings where there may not be access to electricity. If you would like further information or a free security review call us on...

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Carlisle Lorries and Vans Targeted

Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in Current Affairs | 3 comments

Garages on Kingstown in Carlisle have again been targeted by thieves. On the weekend of the 1st December thieves stole catalytic converters and other items from under the bonnets of vans and lorries to sell the metal inside. The exhaust part can can be sold for as much as £100 to scrap metal dealers and leaves the owners with a large replacement bill. Check all perimeter fencing to ensure it is intact and in good order. Make sure there are no items stacked against or next to perimeter fencing as these may assist intruders to climb the fence. Park vans,  4x4s or any vulnerable...

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G4S and The Nanny State

Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Current Affairs | 12 comments

Today G4S boss Nick Buckles will speak to MPs in an attempt to explain the issues around the company being unable to provide enough security staff for the London 2012 Olympic Games. Greg Kelly, Managing Director of Ultimate Security and Investigation gives his thoughts: Firstly, no mention has yet been made of the direct connection between attempting to recruit and train staff for what is ostensibly temporary work, and the existing reliable benefit system for the unemployed. It’s too easy to think there are thousands of unemployed out there who must be desperate for work. The reality is...

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Agricultural Security and Shows 2012

Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Current Affairs | 4 comments

Security Advice for Farmers and Upcoming Agricultural Shows in Cumbria The theft of agricultural and plant equipment is an increasing problem for rural communities with an NFU survey finding that between March 2011 and March 2012 35% of farm businesses experienced some sort of crime. Theft was the most commonly reported crime with 28% of those surveyed having experienced it on one or more occasions.  Farm machinery, tools, fuel and metal were stolen most often. The best option for crime prevention on rural properties is a wire free CCTV system with motion detector and GSM dialler. When this...

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